Used caravans are an excellent option

Owning your very own caravan is a dream come true for many. It gives you the freedom to hit the roadside for days at a time, whether it be a family trip or a little adventure just for yourself. Caravans today are built sturdy and to last, which is why there is such a strong second-hand market to select from when making a purchase.

When looking for a used caravan, just like buying new, you need reliable caravan finance that works hard for you. In fact, being able to secure strong finance is even more important when buying in the secondary market. The last thing you need is for your caravan finance to fall short on what you require, costing you the caravan you had your eye on!

As Australia’s leading caravan loans brokering service, we have extensive knowledge in the used caravan market, so you can start shopping with complete confidence. We want you to have that excitement of snatching up the used caravan you’ve fallen in love with and then driving away with it on the very same day.

Don’t deal with long, complicated finance procedures that could cost you your sale! The second-hand market moves fast, and you need dependable finance that can keep up. 360 Caravan Loans understands this, which is why we offer pre-approval in as little as 10 minutes and have same-day settlement so you and no one else, will be leaving with that prized, used caravan.

With interest rate offers exclusive to 360 Caravan Loans, we guarantee to find a caravan finance package that suits all of your requirements when shopping second-hand.

Get The 360 Advantage

Get the leading Australian caravan finance company in your corner when purchasing a used caravan. We have access to over 20 bank and non-bank lenders which ensures we never miss an ideal interest rate offer for your circumstances. We’re not interested in highest profit margin that can be made on a deal; we’re interested in securing you the best, and only the best deal, so you’re 100% satisfied with your finance package.

We work tirelessly to beat any written quote*

If you have a written quote, our dedicated team will do absolutely everything possible to get you a better deal. We pride ourselves in being the caravan finance experts, and with a large pool of both talent and resources at our disposal, we work hard in securing fantastic offers for our customers.

You have enough to think about when making a purchase selection, especially in the used caravan market. Knowing you received leading finance is the peace of mind we provide so that you can concentrate on the important stuff – what caravan you’re going to drive away with!

We at 360 Caravan Loans know you are busy. We also know that the lending process is often made more complex than it needs to be, with endless paperwork requiring you to sign off in an office. That’s why we offer approvals through our online portal, allowing you to look through your contract online, in your own time.

You can review your options before safely sending your correspondence back online. It’s just one way we make the entire process faster, removing the barriers that slow down traditional lending approvals and paperwork.

No need to save for a deposit to secure attractive finance, because with 360 Caravan Loans, we provide no deposit options to get you out on the road faster. Being able to make your obligated payments is one thing, but also having to put forward a deposit can be difficult in many situations.

Relax, knowing you’ll still get the best caravan loan on the market even with no payment up front. We don’t want you waiting and saving for your new caravan purchase. There is no reason to wait when the perfect used caravan is out there ready for you!

Long, convoluted lending procedures are often the norm, with lenders taking several days to get back to you regarding approval. 360 Caravan Loans streamlines the process, with lightning fast pre-approvals and a promise to provide a same day outcome on your approval status.

This is particularly important when shopping for a used caravan. Unlike buying from a dealer who may be happy to wait for your financing to be approved and for the settlement to take place in a few days, private sales are a lot more unpredictable. A seller usually wants to finalise an offer as fast as possible, and you could miss out, being beaten by another party who has funding ready to go to make the purchase.

Don’t lose the caravan of your dreams because of slow approval and settlement times. Guarantee you beat the competition by having fast lending power at your fingertips by talking with 360 Caravan Loans today!

Over 20 lenders to choose from

We have built strong partnerships with a range of bank and non-bank lenders, making certain we have the top finance and interest rate packages available for you. Whether you’re looking to purchase a small camper trailer, a large motorhome or any caravan type in between, you can be confident we have the resources at our disposal to get you the ideal loan.

Don’t waste time in having to go to lenders directly one by one and trying to compare different interest rate offers, each with their own complicated conditions, when we do it for you free of charge.

We keep a balanced and diverse range of lending partners, so no matter what type of caravan finance you require, we’ll find something that matches you perfectly. With so many lenders available, you can trust us to find finance that is most applicable to your needs and not a lender’s profit margin.

Access to unbelievable rates not available anywhere else

A key factor that makes us so popular with our customers is our ability to offer amazing interest rate packages you won’t see advertised anywhere else. Getting the best rate for your caravan loan can be the biggest way to save thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

Our utmost goal at 360 Caravan Loans is providing leading Australia caravan finance that fits your budget and lifestyle. That’s why for almost a decade, we have been hard at work saving Australians money by establishing important relationships that allow us to offer incredible rates.

No matter what current interest rate a competitor lending or financial broker service has presented you, make sure you speak to 360 Caravan Loans to see what we can do beat the quote. Because exclusive rate offers are our speciality!

Fast, efficient and simple processing

How many times have you gone for finance only to find the entire process, long, drawn-out and difficult to fully understand? It’s one of the core issues of finance that we at 360 Caravan eliminate.

Get moving with your used caravan today and not later down the track in dealing with us. We make it dead easy to follow the lending process, making it as efficient as possible to get your funding straight in your pocket.

No jargon. No barrages of paperwork. Just straight to the point caravan finance. Stop dealing with lenders who cause the whole lending procedure to be a hassle and a pain to work with. Get fast approval and financing from the pros who make caravan loans a cinch, 360 Caravan Loans!

Caravan Loans To Fit Every Situation & Scenario

360 Caravan Loans offers a broad range of lending arrangements that are customised directly to suit what you’re looking for with finance. We do everything in our power to be flexible to your particular finance conditions:

  • Secured & unsecured loans
  • Caravan loan terms (1 to 7 years)
  • Loans available for both Personal and Business
  • Loan residual (balloon) options
  • New and Used
  • Private & Dealer purchases
  • Multiple repayment options

Advantages Of Buying A Used Caravan

Most times once the transaction is complete, you can drive away with your ‘new’ caravan, allowing you to start immediately planning your next big trip or adventure.

Similar to cars, caravans typically depreciate in value rapidly in the first couple of years. Buying used, means there is less depreciation and better value for money. It also means your purchase should hold onto its worth longer if you choose to resell down the track.

Make use of your Used Caravan Finance Specialists;

We have finance combinations for virtually anyone, thanks to the many great lenders we liaise with on a daily basis.

Our online finance calculator is perfect to determine the total can afford and give you an estimate of how much your repayments will be. Please feel free to use this to get started shopping in the second-hand caravan market.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your application or anything to do with the finance process, our friendly staff are right here to help you out.

So get in contact with 360 Caravan Loans today for an obligation free chat about obtaining the very best loan for your next used purchase.

* Because every situation is different, exact rates may vary. Any change will be clearly communicated during the approval process.

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