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Motorhomes are a fantastic way to travel around the country without having to leave all of your creature comforts behind. Whether you want a small Recreational Vehicle (RV) for the occasional weekend away with the family or the height of lavish luxury for that long-planned tour of Australia, the team at 360 Finance have a solution that works for you.

These multi-functioning vehicles are perfect for when you need to take the conveniences of the modern home with you on the road, without the worry of towing requirements as you would with a caravan or camper trailer.

As one of the largest finance companies of motorhomes Australia, we offer comprehensive campervan, rv and motorhome loans, providing exclusive lending interest rate packages that are suitable for virtually anyone requiring motorhome financing.

The Easiest and Widest Selection of Motorhome Finance Australia

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, we’re always on your side and fight for the best possible deal, not the highest possible profit from every transaction like most lenders.

  • We work tirelessly to beat any written quote. Find a better quote? We will do absolutely everything to beat it and secure you an improved rate.
  • Submit and receive your contracts online. We value your time, so we make it easy for you to review the important stuff online anytime day or night.
  • No deposit finance. Forgot about having to save up for a deposit, our no deposit finance solutions mean you can drive away in your motorhome today.
  • Approval in just 10 minutes! Our financing for motorhome processes and expertise allows us to fast track your next purchasing decision.
  • Over 20 lenders to choose from. Strong relationships with bank and non-bank lenders mean we have access to a massive range of motorhome loans, campervan loans and RV loans.
  • Access to unbelievable rates not available anywhere else. Don’t settle for anything but the best, exclusive interest rates available that could end up saving you thousands.
  • Fast, efficient and simple processing. Why deal with a range of brokers that make it harder to drive away with a new motorhome today, when 360 Caravan Loans do everything possible to satisfy you lending criteria as simply and as easily as possible.

With so many great benefits, its time to stop dreaming and get started on your finance application. Get your application in early enough and you might just be driving away in that new motorhome today!

Pre Approvals In 10 Minutes

Before you begin shopping around and get your heart set on one particular model, pick up the phone and speak to one of our team for a pre-approval in just 10 minutes. This gives you peace of mind when you do start searching for your new RV; you can stop stressing about finance and enjoy the hunt knowing exactly how much you can afford to spend. Don’t worry, all pre-approvals are 100% obligation free.

Quick, Easy Online Applications

Take advantage of our online application process and take the stress out of applying for a motorhome loan. We have spent years streamlining our processes to make sure your experience is as fast and easy as possible without sacrificing that unbeatable level of service we’re so famous for.

We know the lending process is typical seen as stressful and time-consuming, which is why we do everything in our power to save you time. Don’t worry about having to make multiple trips to busy offices across town, our online system allows you to review and safely submit contract paperwork anytime. It’s just one way 360 Caravan Loans gets your motorhome finance sorted faster.

With such a great range of lenders to choose from, lightning-fast processing, and real, professional service, its no wonder we are known as Australia’s number one motorhome finance broker.

Deal with the Motorhome Finance Experts

When dealing with the team at 360 Caravan Loans, you can be assured you’re getting most attractive motorhome finance of the market. Backed by strong partnerships with over 20 lenders, we guarantee to find motorhome loans that fit our clients individual requirements, so they can drive away with their dream motorhome as fast as possible.

Whether you want a small Recreational Vehicle (RV) for the occasional weekend away with the family or the height of luxury for that long-planned tour of Australia, we provide an extensive range of motorhomes finance options.

Motorhomes AustraliaThis is what makes us the motorhome finance Australia specialists, because we offer only the best interest rate offers in the market on a wide variety and types of motorhomes. With nearly a decade worth of broker experience, we are the experts in securing incredibly interest rates in both motorhome and campervan finance –  interest rates, you won’t see advertised anywhere else.

Stop worrying about complicated lending procedures and processes. We make it dead simple to secure a new motorhome loan, so you can get onto the road for your next big adventure as fast as possible.

We offer pre-approval in just 10 minutes, so your motorhomes Australia dream can start now, rather than later. Our dedicated, friendly staff will quickly and efficiently guide you through all steps of our motorhome finance process, cutting out the convoluted finance jargon and ensuring you are 100% confident and satisfied with our service.

By focusing on providing top of the line motorhome, campervan, and RV finance, you’ll be able to enjoy your new vehicle knowing you got the best interest rate deal available on the market.

When it comes to making that big purchasing decision, trust us to provide the most attractive rate offers for a motorhome or campervan loan that works for you, and not the profit margins of the finance lender.

The Main Differences Between Motorhomes (RVs) and Caravans

One of the main questions we get at 360 Caravan Loans is what are the differences between motorhomes and caravans? Because we provide an exhaustive range of both caravan finance and motorhome finance options, we have a thorough understanding of some of the key differences between them. The following information will provide some guidance on why motorhome, rv and campervan vehicles are unique to other choices in the market.

Driving and Towing

The most obvious difference is the caravan is a self-contained vehicle towed either by cars, four wheel drives or trucks, while a motorhome is constructed as a whole vehicle, with a driver’s cabin combined in its furnishings.

This leads to a very different driving experience between the two. Larger motorhomes are more like driving a bus and depending on its overall size and weight, may require special licensing.

Towing a caravan does share many of the same principles of driving a motorhome.  At times you will need to travel slower than what’s signed in the area, especially when taking sharper corners, and give yourself plenty of time to brake, as it takes longer to stop due to the increased size and weight.

Driving either vehicle requires your full attention at all times, with both taking practice in getting used to on the road. However, when towing a caravan, you’re still fundamentally driving your own vehicle with extra weight behind, which means you don’t need to get used to driving a new rig as you would in a motorhome.

Short Trips and Repairs

You can set down a caravan and then detach it from your towing vehicle that then can be used separately. This is super convenient when you need to make short trips somewhere or provide another party with a means of transportation – while you stay with your caravan. With a Motorhome, this is often done through a bike, motorbike or small car that is towed when you travel, so you can leave the RV on site and hooked up, rather than unhooking it each time.

Another note to consider under a caravan setup is if your towing vehicle breaks down, you can take it to a workshop without having to bring the entire caravan as well. Motorhomes in comparison clearly do not have this capability, being an all inclusive unit. If something is found to be wrong with your motorhome’s engine or motor and it needs days of repair work, you could find yourself without a place to stay if it’s your only accommodation option. Check your insurance to see what options you have if this where to occur.

Weight and Carrying Capacity

Another main point of difference is the weight carrying ability between the two, with motorhomes clearly superior in this category. If you plan to stay in an area or be on the road for extended periods of time, being able to take everything you want, rather than just what you can afford to carry, can be quite beneficial.

As caravans have more limitation placed on their overall weight due to towing requirements and having to maintain balance while on the road, motorhomes can be built more robustly.

Comfort and Style

While top of the line caravans have comfort and luxury that is nothing to scoff at, without having to be built with weight limitations in mind, the best motorhomes offer unmatched levels of furnishing and finishes. If you want the cutting edge stylings and every feature of conventional living, a motorhome may be the ideal solution.

Motorhomes and campervans also give the freedom to tow something themselves. You would have to make other towing arrangements when going on a trip with your caravan if you wanted to take something like a boat or a jet ski, as the caravan itself would plainly be occupying the current towing space.

These a just some of the core differences between the two. While we provide loans for caravans and loans for motorhomes, it is you specific needs and desire that will determine what will be most effective for next big adventure.

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360 Caravan Loans are more than happy to discuss both caravan finance or motorhome finance to ensure all lending choices are thoroughly explained to you. This way you can decide on what setup ideally fits into your lifestyle, and the confidence knowing you have brokering experts on your side. Contact us today!

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